What Is on a Certificate of Employment?

A certificate of employment contains an employee’s personal data, a description of the employees work history and a performance and behavioral assessment of the employee. The certificate also includes information on the employer including the name and contact information of the company and the company logo.

The personal data of an employee typically required on a certificate of employment includes the employee’s first and last name, date of birth and the country where the employee was born or originated from. The work history of an employee on a certificate needs to include the dates of employment at a company, the positions the employee worked and the employee’s responsibilities in those positions.

The employer generally provides a performance review of the employee, which provides information on the employee’s ability to meet goals and deadlines, the quantity and quality of the employee’s work, customer satisfaction and whether or not the employee respected the company budget. In the behavioral assessment section of the certificate of employment, the employer generally provides information on the employee’s attitude towards and skills associated with teamwork, communication, leadership, availability and motivation.

It is important that the employer provides an accurate and unbiased assessment of the employee’s performance and behavior. Providing inaccurate information, such as providing a good performance review when the employee performed poorly, may have legal consequences. A certificate of employment should not include reasons why the employer terminated the employee.