What Are Some Caves That Are for Sale in the USA?

As of Dec. 11, 2015, some caves for sale in the United States include the cave located on Roasting Ear Creek Farm in Arkansas and a property located on Quarry Road in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, that contains a rentable residential cave. Private cave properties are also common in Tennessee.

The Roasting Ear Creek Farm contains 135 acres of land and a large cave covered by pasture. Most of the farm consists of land given over to timber.

The cave listed for sale in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, has furnishings, an office and indoor fluorescent lighting. The cave is built inside a former quarry.

Tennessee and Missouri rank first and second in terms of the number of caves in the United States. While many caves in Missouri are in public hands, most caves in Tennessee have private owners who may be willing to sell.