What Are Some Career Fields for a Melancholy Personality?

Career fields for melancholy personality types include law, teaching and medicine. Specific careers for melancholy personalities include museum or academic archivists, geoscientists, film or video editors, and medical records technicians.

Melancholy personalities can help create and maintain order within an organization or office setting. Introverted, with the ability to analyze situations and solve a variety of problems, melancholy personalities typically prefer challenging careers with limited or controlled social interaction. Careers in court reporting, animal care, and service or machine repair allow melancholy personalities to use analytical and problem-solving skills without constantly work alongside co-workers.

Those with melancholy personalities should not limit themselves to careers with minimal social interaction, however. In addition to the four basic temperament types of melancholy, sanguine, phlegmatic and choleric, most people exhibit a combination of two or more temperaments. For example, MelSan, or those with a combination of melancholy and sanguine temperaments, enjoy interacting with people. Career options for those with MelSan temperaments include teaching and sales.

Career options for those with a combination of melancholy and phlegmatic temperaments, or MelPhleg, include teaching, academic research, bookkeeping or accounting. Unlike those with MelSan temperaments, those with MelPhleg temperaments do not enjoy interacting often with people.

In addition to personality type and temperament, other factors such as childhood experiences, geographic location, level of education and physical health influence career choices.