How Do You Get a CAQH Provider ID?

Register online for a CAQH Proview account as a health care provider to receive a CAQH Provider ID. Alternatively, an organization that already has a CAQH Proview account can add an additional provider to the CAQH system, which sends the provider a Welcome Kit email containing the Provider ID.

From, click on CAQH Proview under the Solutions Login section to access Proview, and select Register Now as a first time user. The registration form only requires the provider’s full name, address, provider type and practice state, date of birth, email address, and choice of personal identification number. Submitting the form sends the provider an email that includes the CAQH Provider ID.

A Provider ID allows a provider to create an account with the CAQH Proview data collection service. A link in the Welcome Kit email sends the provider to an account creation page to enter the Provider ID and a personal identification number. The provider can then proceed with creating a full Proview account.

CAQH’s Proview is an information collection system, with which providers can maintain up-to-date profiles of their own professional credentials, licenses or information on their practices. Providers can then submit the information to hospitals, insurance entities or other health care organizations, reducing the need for repeatedly filling out paperwork.