How Do You Cancel Protection From First American?

To cancel protection from the First American home warranty company as of 2015, call (800) 992-3400 or send an email through the First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation website, notes Customer representatives can help customers discuss and choose the appropriate cancellation options.

When contacting or emailing the First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation to cancel a home warranty, customers should include all pertinent policy information as well as reliable contact information.

First American is a home warranty company that provides annual contracts to homeowners. The services offered aid homeowners in the cost of repairs and services for appliances and other systems in the home.

This company offers a variety of service and warranty plans, and prices vary by type of warranty purchased. If warranty service is requested, a service fee is usually required to be paid at the time of service. Service fees also vary by the type of contract held by the homeowner.

Valuable home tips, advice and budgeting information can be found on the First American website, states First-time customers can also request a free quote by visiting the site.

First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation was founded in 1889 and is headquartered in Santa Ana, California. This company also provides title and financial services in the markets of real estate and mortgages.