How Do You Cancel Assurant Renters Insurance?

To cancel an Assurant renters insurance policy, submit a request online, or call 888-260-7736 to seek assistance from live phone agents, instructs the website. The email form allows customers to make a claim, ask about claims and policies, or update, cancel or renew their renters insurance.

Call 800-733-7879 for concerns related to Assurant Employee Benefits, or call 800-553-7654 for issues related to Assurant Health, suggests the website. Assurant also has separate customer service numbers for concerns regarding Assurant Solutions and Assurant Specialty Property. Also call these numbers to request a copy of proof of insurance.

To file a claim, check the policy or contract for the appropriate phone number to call, and prepare the necessary information, including the claim number, certificate or policy number, account or loan number, and creditor, bank or loan company, states the website. File a claim to have the lost or broken mobile devices fixed or replaced at

Assurant consists of Assurant Solutions, which offers risk management solutions, such as extended service contracts, and Assurant Specialty Property, which provides protection for homes and personal property, explains the website. The company also features Assurant Health, which provides health care insurance options, and Assurant Employee Benefits, which allows employers to offer disability, dental and critical sickness insurance options to employees.