How Do You Cancel Your Amazon Prime Trial Membership?

Maskot/Maskot/Getty Images

To cancel your Amazon Prime free trial membership, click on Your Account in the upper right corner, and click on Manage Prime Membership under the Settings section. Click Do Not Continue for the Amazon Prime free trial. You must log into to your Amazon account to cancel the trial membership.

The Amazon Prime free trial membership automatically converts to a paid membership in Amazon Prime at the end of the trail period unless you cancel the membership. Amazon automatically bills the credit card on file for the amount of a one-year membership. The only way to prevent this is by cancelling the membership before the end of the trial period. The benefits of the Amazon Prime free trial continue until the end of the trial period, so even if you cancel the membership right away you get the full trial period.

You still have the option to cancel even if the Amazon Prime trial converts to a paid Amazon Prime membership. If you haven’t yet placed any orders using Amazon Prime, you get a full refund of the yearly membership fee. If you already placed an order, you won’t get a refund.

To cancel after your trial period converts to a paid Amazon Prime membership, click on Manage Prime Membership. Click End Membership.