How Can You Write a Letter Requesting Reinstatement of Employment?

To write an effective letter requesting reinstatement of employment, the most important thing to communicate is how your circumstances have changed since the termination. Although the letter should include other pertinent information, it needs to be most persuasive about this change in the conditions that led to your dismissal. Reserve at least one day to write this detailed and convincing letter.

  1. Identify yourself and your previous position

    Tell the recipient of the letter who you are, and explain that you are seeking reinstatement. Include details about your previous position, including the name of your department and your immediate supervisor.

  2. Explain the reason for seeking reinstatement

    Before explaining how conditions have changed since you left the job, explain the reason for the separation. Follow this with an explanation of why you are seeking reinstatement and how your current situation is different than it was when you left the job. If the termination was your fault, give details on how you have corrected whatever shortcomings led to your dismissal.

  3. Express gratitude

    Close the letter by expressing gratitude for the time the reader took to consider your request. Also, leave your contact information in the letter, and encourage the reader to contact you if the company needs any further information before making its decision.