How Can You Verify a Cashiers Check?

To verify a cashier’s check, accompany the issuer to the bank and watch them receive the check from a teller. Contact the issuer’s bank to verify their account balance and use a check verification service to check their history. Make sure the check’s value is the exact amount agreed upon.

  1. Watch them receive the check

    If possible, go to the bank with the check’s issuer and watch them receive the check from a teller. Stand in line with them to make sure they do not switch the check with a fake one.

  2. Contact the bank and use a verification service

    Find the bank’s phone number through the official website, because fake checks may include a phone number that leads to a “fake” bank teller. Verify that their account has enough funds to cover the check. Check the issuer’s past history using a check verification service. Check verification services evaluate the issuer’s history regarding checks bouncing or fraudulent checks.

  3. Inspect the check’s value

    Make sure that the check’s value does not exceed the agreed amount to avoid overpayment scams.