How Can I Track a Western Union Money Order?

People who believe that a Western Union money order they sent has been lost or stolen can trace the money order by filling out a completed money order customer request form and sending it to Western Union via fax, email or regular mail. This form is available on the Western Union website or at the physical location where the money order was purchased. A fee does apply to run the trace.

Although Western Union will not require the submission of the money order’s receipt with the money order customer request form, the person will have to pay a higher fee to trace the money order without the receipt. Depending on whether the receiver cashed the money order or not, the sender may receive a refund for the money order’s value or a copy of the money order.

After sending a Western Union money order, you can track the status of your order online by using the Western Union MTCN tracking number, which is a unique number assigned to each money transfer. Access the Track feature on the company website, and follow the supplied directions.

When attempting to track the order through the website’s Track section, be sure you have the recipient’s last name, the country of origin, and the amount of the transfer. If you do not have the MTCN tracking number or the sender/recipient’s phone number, you can try to track the money transfer using the sender’s first or last name, country, recipient’s first or last name, date that the money was sent, and the amount of money sent. All of these tracking services are available on the Western Union website or mobile app, or by calling customer service representatives.