How Can You Track International Airmail?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Track international airmail by sending the letter or package via one of the United States Postal Service options that offers international tracking and using the USPS online tracking system to monitor the status of the mail. Optionally, sign up for text alerts for delivery status updates.

  1. Send the mail via a service that offers tracking

    To be able to track international airmail, send the mail by Global Express Guaranteed mail, Priority Mail Express International or Priority Mail International. All three offer service to over 180 countries. Global Express Guaranteed offers delivery in one to three business days, insurance and a money-back guarantee. Priority Mail Express International delivers in three to five business days, while Priority Mail International takes six to 10 business days.

  2. Sign up for text tracking alerts

    To receive tracking text alerts on your phone, sign up for them when you mail the letter or package. Specify whether you want alerts of all activity or only delivery status.

  3. Track international mail

    To track international mail you have already sent, go to the USPS website. On the tool bar, hover your mouse arrow over Manage Your Mail, and click on Track. Type the tracking or receipt number you were given when you mailed the item into the box and click Find. Enter as many as 35 tracking numbers at once separated by commas. When you are outside or do not have access to a computer, text the tracking number to USPS to receive a delivery status update.