How Can Someone Pay a Phone Bill Online?

UltraSlo1/CC-BY 2.0

Most phone companies and cell phone networks give customers a variety of ways to pay online including using a credit or debit card and setting up a monthly online payment using a checking account; third party sites like Doxo also let users create an account and pay a phone bill with services designed to help customers pay a number of bills from one platform. Smartphone owners can also download apps that enable them to pay on the go.

Cellphone carriers such as AT&T provide easy-to-use online billing systems that require that the customer to register a phone number and create an account. Once the account is created, outstanding balances can be viewed and paid and credited quickly, normally within 30 minutes.

Doxo is an online service that partners with nationwide service providers and allows customers to create a free account and pay a phone bill from one of the companies listed in the company’s network. AT&T and Sprint are among the phone networks that use the paperless service.

Other methods of payment provided by various carriers are paying with a company’s refill card, as in the case of Cricket, making a one time payment without creating an account and making it easy for people other than the account holder to pay an account balance.