How Can Rite Aid Employees Access Their Pay Stubs Online?

Rite Aid employees can access their pay stubs online through the company-recommended websites. Two specific recommended website addresses for Rite Aid employees, as of 2013, are and, according to Pay Stubs Online. To access either of these sites, employees need to provide specific information.

To log in to, Rite Aid employees need to enter their user IDs and passwords provided by the company, states Pay Stubs Online. If employees are unsure about the required information, or have just returned from a leave of absence, they should speak to their payroll manager about regaining access to their pay stubs, as noted at

The required information for using is slightly different, according to Pay Stubs Online. To access this site for the first time, employees must enter the user IDs and pin numbers assigned by their payroll manager. After accessing the site, users should change their pin to something that is unique to them, and ensure that it is memorable. Once this is completed, users can access their information by clicking on the Pay Advice Review icon and following the step-by-step directions on the screen.

In addition to pay stub information, users can also view their W2 information through these sites. Employees should report any problems accessing information or using the recommended sites to their payroll manager, suggests Pay Stubs Online.