How Can You Register for Circle K Rewards?

To register for the Circle K Rewards program, obtain a Rewards Tag from a participating location and register it online at by selecting the “Register” link. Customers who register their Rewards Tags online have access to point totals, reward summaries and other program information.

A member must present a valid Circle K Rewards Tag at the time of purchase to earn rewards; the company does not honor rewards for previous purchases. Excluding purchases of alcohol, tobacco, fuel, car washes and financial services, customers receive 20 points for every dollar they spend and are eligible for rewards when they reach a designated point threshold.

The free Circle K Mobile App gives members instant access to point totals and special mobile offers.

As of 2015, new enrollees completing the registration process receive a complimentary coupon for a free Polar Pop upon swiping a Rewards Tag at participating locations. Some items, including coffee, car washes, select snacks and sodas, have separate “Rewards Clubs,” where purchasing a designated number of items entitles the member to the next such item for free. With the purchase of specified “Rewards Club” items, individuals are also eligible for Random Rewards and Sweepstakes drawings exclusive to Rewards members.