Can You Recycle Ink Cartridges at Walmart?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 8, 2020 4:38:57 AM ET
Future Publishing/Future/Getty Images

Walmart accepts ink cartridges for recycling. Both HP and Kodak list Walmart as an authorized recycling facility for their branded ink cartridges. HP stipulates that not all locations accept all products, so check with local Walmart stores to ensure availability.

Canon does not list Walmart as an authorized partner for cartridge recycling. Instead, Canon partners with FedEx to ship empty cartridges directly to recycling facilities. Customers drop Canon cartridges off at FedEx Office locations for recycling.

Lexmark asks customers to ship empty cartridges directly to the recycling facility, rather than partnering with a third party. Lexmark provides prepaid shipping labels in its new cartridge boxes and offers printable shipping labels online.