How Can You Receive Permanent Disability in New Jersey?

Individuals can receive permanent disability in New Jersey by applying and showing documents to prove that they have lost the ability to work. Applications can be done online, by phone or paying a personal visit to a local Social Security office, states

Individuals do not have to be permanently disabled to claim Social Security disability benefits, notes the The authority administering this program anticipated that a beneficiary’s condition might improve, which is why a continuing disability review is necessary. Do the following to obtain permanent disability benefits in New Jersey.

  1. Learn about the eligibility criteria
  2. Research for eligibility requirements through the various online resources available. Talk to a Social Security staff for more information. In most cases, applicants must have worked at a job covered by Social Security and suffer an injury or disability as defined by the administering authority.

  3. Apply for benefits
  4. Apply for permanent disability benefits by paying a physical visit to a local Social Security office. An application can also be submitted online.

  5. Show documents to help in review
  6. Present documents such as doctor reports that prove disability. The Social Security staff will inform of any other requirements that must be submitted before approval of the application.

  7. Receive benefits
  8. Social Security staff will review the application and determine its outcome. If approved, the applicant will receive feedback regarding the decision and start receiving a monthly amount.