How Can One Write a Rehire Letter?

Zero Creatives/Cultura/Getty Images

A rehire letter should express regret at having left a former job and interest in attaining the position again. The letter should be open, honest, and convey genuine contrition.

Asking for a former job back can be an awkward situation. In many cases,, the hiring manager has already filled the vacated position or will be reluctant to rehire an employee whom he or she believes will likely leave again at the next opportunity. When writing a rehire letter, it is important to express genuine remorse for having left the former position. Specific reasons for seeking rehire,such as money, are not necessary in the letter; the employee can simply say that the new job is not going as expected, or is not as good a fit as the former position.

The letter should remind the employer of the employee’s value to the company. The employee should mention relevant skills and knowledge and mention that he or she will require minimal training to get back up to speed, as he or she understands the business already. The employee should also express a renewed commitment to the company to allay fears of another departure. It is important to be flexible; if the former position has been filled, the employee should express interest in other positions which may be available.

Success in getting an old job back often depends on the manner in which the employee left the position in the first place. It’s a good idea to always leave on good terms, finish any lingering assignments, give appropriate notice, which is usually a minimum of two weeks, and perhaps even stay in touch on a casual basis after departure.