How Can One Verify Employment History With AT&T?

As of September 2014, you can verify a worker’s employment history with AT&T through Equifax Verification Services. The AT&T corporate website instructs those requesting verification to visit to verify someone’s history after clicking on the Employment Verification Support link.

  1. Obtain an account with Equifax

    Begin the process of verifying someone’s employment history with AT&T by obtaining an account with Equifax. As of September 2014, the fee is $24.95 per transaction to find someone’s employment history.

  2. Give Equifax your viable information

    When you sign up for the verification service, Equifax needs your name, company name, supervisor’s name, industry, supervisor’s phone number, company address, your firm’s “permissible purpose” for the information and a written explanation as to how your company uses the work history verification. Permissible purposes include a credit check, government benefits, child support inquiries, law enforcement checks, written permission of the employee, and an update to the file from an employer. Then you need a user name and password for the account.

  3. Search the database

    Search records by name, address and Social Security number. The Equifax database contains information such as employer name, job title, employment status, length of time with employer, date last updated, file numbers and employer disclaimers. The company has more than 220 million employment records from more than 3,800 employers.