How Can One Get Insurance to Pay for Dental Implants?

Dental insurance covers dental implants if the procedure is included in the patient’s policy, according to Delta Dental. For example, Delta Dental’s PPO and Delta Dental Premier plans cover dental implants, while its Deltacare USA plan doesn’t cover implants.

When implants are covered by a plan, the patient is responsible for paying a portion of the procedure’s cost out-of-pocket, Delta Dental indicates. The out-of-pocket expense varies by plan. Delta Dental recommends patients determine their out-of-pocket costs before having an implant procedure. Plan participants can obtain information on the specific coverage their plan offers for implants from their insurance company. They also can have their dentist detail the specifics of the procedure with cost estimates.

Delta Dental facilitates this process by offering plan participants a pre-treatment estimate form. This form is recommended for implants and other expensive procedures such as crowns, wisdom teeth, extractions, bridges, dentures and periodontal surgery. Pre-treatment estimates show if the procedure is covered, the limits of coverage and the estimated out-of-pocket cost to the patient. Delta notes that patients can often reduce their out-of-pocket costs by requesting their dentist use the form to recommend alternatives that lower out-of-pocket costs. Delta Dental’s pre-treatment form comes at no expense to the plan participant.