How Can You Find in-Network Humana Doctors?

Individuals can search for in-network Humana doctors using the Physician Finder search tool on the company’s website, notes Humana. Subscribers are able to search by the type of coverage and ZIP code or by entering their Humana member identification numbers.

The Physician Finder tool allows people to search for medical, dental, vision or pharmacy providers, states Humana. However, not all plans offer coverage for all services. If a doctor has multiple office locations, it is possible that only certain offices are considered in-network. Humana offers coverage through employers and to individuals and families, as well as Medicare and Medicaid plans. Mental health doctors are not listed on the website, but customers can call the number on the back of their insurance cards for assistance in finding a provider.

Choosing an in-network provider over an out-of-network doctor saves the customer money because Humana insurance covers more of the cost of services, advises Humana. Some Humana plans, such as Health Maintenance Organization or Exclusive Provider Organization plans, do not offer any coverage if a customer sees an out-of-network provider. Customers with an HMO plan must select a primary care physician and, in most cases, they need a referral to see other health care providers in the network.