How Can You Look up a Medicare Provider Transaction Access Number?

An individual Medicare provider locates its own Provider Transaction Access Number on its initial Medicare enrollment approval letter, in its online enrollment record, or by submitting a written request to its Medicare Administrative Contractor, explains Noridian Healthcare Solutions. The authorized or delegated official of an organizational provider is the only person who can make the request on behalf of a company.

Medicare providers can sign into the online PECOS database to view their enrollment record, advises Noridian Healthcare Solutions. Once logged in, they navigate to View Enrollments through the My Enrollments link. Choosing the View Medicare ID Report link for the applicable enrollment record displays all of the active PTANs associated with that record.

An individual organization’s PTAN can only be provided to that organization, notes Wisconsin Physicians Service Government Health Administrators. Written requests for the PTAN must be submitted on letterhead and include the provider’s National Plan Identifier number, the associated address and the requester’s signature. The Medicare Administrative Contractor is prohibited from releasing the PTAN to another organization, to any other provider or over the phone.

The PTAN is a number issued to providers when their enrollment is accepted into Medicare, explains Noridian Healthcare Solutions. The PTAN is used for communication with the Medicare Administrative Contractor and to authenticate providers when they use Internet- or phone-based self-help tools.