Where Can You Find a List of Nationstar Foreclosures?

Nationstar foreclosures are listed on the Multiple Listing Service, on Auction.com, or by contacting a professional real estate agent. It is also possible to contact the servicer directly by visiting its website at nationstarhomeloans.com or by calling 855-781-8001, as of 2105.

Another way to find Nationstar foreclosures is by visiting a real estate company website such as REMAX, which offers a search engine to find the properties. This platform may not be available for every city. For the most part, the MLS is a database available exclusively to licensed real estate salespersons and brokers who pay a fee for access to the service. Nationstar Mortgage negotiated an agreement with Auction.com that makes short sale and foreclosure listings available on the auction site before a short sale on a property is carried out.