How Can You Find Epic Systems Certification Training?

Epic Systems certification programs must be taken through the company at its headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin. Training is module specific, and different courses are offered for different elements of the Epic System. Upon completion of a course, trainees must complete a series of tests to demonstrate software proficiency.

Epic Systems offers training modules in 12 different areas in the medical field including radiology, ambulatory services, anesthesia and triage. Hospital employees can be certified in one or more of these areas through Epic’s intensive module training process. Each program is intended to aid medical professionals to work more efficiently and effectively using Epic software, which has become common place in many hospitals throughout the country.

In order to qualify for Epic training, individuals must be sponsored by a participating hospital. This institution is usually an active or future employer that wishes to have its employees properly trained in a particular Epic module. In addition to the module training at Epic headquarters, trainees must also participate in hands on work at their sponsoring hospital using Epic Systems to complete the training process.

Once certified, periodic renewal trainings are available. These are called New Version Trainings and are designed to ensure that each user’s skills are up to date.