What Can an Employee Do on the Fairview Intranet Site?

The Fairview intranet serves in work related activities by Fairview employees and authorized contractors in support of their various work responsibilities and interaction with clients, other employees and organizations. The Fairview intranet gives employees access to resources related to service delivery, career development and employee benefits.

The Fairview intranet enables the employees to access resources such as data and information on patients, as well as outcomes on relevant procedures and processes. Fairview provides integrated and coordinated health care services, and the intranet facilitates communication between employees and other parties involved in service delivery. Employees use the Fairview as a communication resource.

Employees also use the Fairview intranet to access and manage the available range of traditional employee benefits and related rewards. With the Fairview intranet, full-time and part-time employees have the opportunity to access and manage the comprehensive benefit program where they can select benefit plans that suit them. The Fairview intranet also helps employees to keep track of career development opportunities, such as education and training.

Additionally, access to Fairview intranet resources such as My Fairview benefits enables employees to compare medical plans options, as well as assess life insurance needs. Employees can also change or review their benefit choices and connect to relevant employee benefit information.