Where Can You Donate Old Prescription Glasses?

The Lions Club and New Eyes are organizations that accept used prescription glasses as a charity donation. Old glasses can be dropped off at designated donation boxes, or sent via mail. Retail stores such as Walmart also collect used eyeglasses in partnership with charity organizations.

Lions Club International recycles used eyeglasses from donations it receives for its Recycle for Sight program. The organization has established Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers in the United States, Canada and countries around the world. Donors drop off old glasses at one of these centers and the Lions Club handles all aspects of preparing the glasses for distribution. Old eyeglasses can also be dropped off at Walmart store locations. Walmart is a retail partner offering its locations as a drop off site. Eyeglasses can also be mailed to Lions Club International headquarters.

Another organization accepting used eyeglass donations is New Eyes. This organization has a website where donors can sign up to donate used glasses. New Eyes distributes the eyeglasses it collects to countries with the greatest need for vision care. Donated glasses make their way to countries such as Bolivia, Honduras, Thailand, Jamaica and Kenya. Single vision, bifocal and reading glasses are accepted. A staff of trained volunteers sorts all donated glasses before they are distributed to charities overseas.