How to Describe Communication Skills

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Having excellent communication skills is a very common job requirement, whether it be public speaking, writing, or approachability. Here are some tips on how to perfect them for any job interview.

Verbal Communication There are many different professional contexts in which having competent verbal communication is important. Presentations, phone calls or even just talking with coworkers are all situations where the ability to share an idea is essential. In order to effectively describe communication skills, an applicant should look into what the job will require. If preparing presentations is part of the description, one should include references to when these skills were used in past jobs and projects on the application and resume.

Describing communication skills is not just in one’s past experiences, but also it comes from how an applicant presents him or herself. Speaking confidently and being engaged in conversation are ways to put communication skills to the test, as it gives the applicant the opportunity to show an employer how they work on the spot. Someone with exceptional communication skills is able to rise to the occasion to convince the listener of whatever argument is being made.

Another way to show confidence with communicating in an interview is by asking a lot of questions. If an applicant is truly interested in the job, he should be able to come up with a few questions to fully understand what will be expected and to make sure it’s a good fit. This demonstrates confidence, which is one of the most basic pieces of advice for any job interview. Asking questions also shows engagement with the job interviewer, which reveals how well one may relate to others.

Written Communication If writing emails, memos or project proposals is part of the job, having a proficient writing level is favorable. Flow and tone are a large part of having good writing skills; if the reader cannot follow an argument, it becomes confusing. Confidence and respect also go hand in hand when trying to win over the person reading one’s writing. In a job application, the perfect place to demonstrate one’s skills is in the cover letter. If an applicant claims to have good communication skills, it may be a smart idea for him to submit a well-written and carefully proofread cover letter as a way to exemplify them.

Body Language Body language can’t be described on a phone call, resume or cover letter, so a prospective employee should make sure to monitor this during an interview. Coming across as confident and approachable will yield a more successful interview because conversation will flow with ease and the interviewer will be more responsive to what the applicant is saying. Sitting up straight and making eye contact can make anyone seem confident even if they’re shaking with nerves on the inside.

Being able to describe one’s communication abilities will show during the communication itself. Anyone can claim to have excellent communication skills, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to prove this. Showing off these skills through confidence will make an applicant more compelling than someone who depends on their resume or cover letter to serve as enough evidence of their abilities.