How Can You Contact the CVS HR Department?

Customers can contact the Human Resources department for CVS by visiting different websites that may have this information, such as, and CVS Corporate Headquarters gives its address as contact information, as noted by

At, there is a mailing address for CVS Corporate Headquarters, which is located in Rhode Island. By using this address and addressing the letter to the CVS HR Department, employees or customers can make contact. Similarly, employees who need to find out about employee 401k or ESOP accounts can click on the “Investors Contact” link to find the telephone number for the HR department, which is given as 1-888-694-7287.

To verify that this number is correct for CVS’s HR department, employees or customers can visit This website gives various contact numbers, such as for benefits and payroll, customer service or benefit plan questions. The phone number given for benefits and payroll is myHR at 1-888-694-7287 or 888-MY-HR-CVS, notes is a portal from which employees, vendors and customers can report unethical conduct anonymously.

At, customers or employees can also find this same telephone number as the contact source for this department of CVS Health. provides telephone number information for various major companies and businesses.