How Can I Find Commonwealth Life Insurance Company?

Information for the Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company can be found on the company’s official website under Commonwealth Annuity. The company’s website lists its corporate office at 132 Turnpike Road, Suite 210 in Southborough, Massachusetts. The company’s phone number is 508-460-2400.

The contact page on the Commonwealth Life Insurance Company website also has a link to a customer service page for Commonwealth Annuity Operations, a division of the life insurance company. The Commonwealth Annuity Operations and Customer Service Center is located in Topeka, Kansas. The toll-free number at that office is 800-533-7881. On the Commonwealth Annuity site, customers can register for an account, receive information regarding their contracts and obtain performance and annual reports directly online.

Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance Company uses several different firms to administer its investment, insurance and retirement accounts. Policyholders, agents and brokers who visit the Commonwealth website are directed to select one of the listed companies and contact the preferred company’s customer service department. In addition to Commonwealth Annuity, the policyholders listed on the website are First Allmerica Financial and Life Insurance Company, Zurich American Life Insurance Company / Protective Life Insurance Company, Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Life Insurance Company.