How Can You Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance?

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To check your Visa Gift card balance, go to the website of the card issuer or call its customer service number, according to Visa. Some retailers, such as Barnes and Noble, Kmart, Office Max, Target and Toys R Us, also allow customers to check their balances at cash registers.

GoWallet lets you check your Visa Gift card balance as long as the card is active, according to GoWallet. While an account with GoWallet is not necessary to check a balance, establishing an account allows you to manage and organize the Visa Gift card, and checking balances is quicker and easier. GoWallet is available online and on mobile devices, and you can check your balance when you are on the go.

If you do not register for a GoWallet account, enter your gift card number, the expiration date and the access code on the back of the gift card, explains GoWallet. You can also activate the card and update the PIN without having to register.

Regardless of how much is on a Visa gift card, some retailers can automatically take the entire balance off the card and apply it towards a purchase. Some of these retailers include Shell, Philips 66, Kroger, Exxon, CVS and Winn Dixie.

If you make a purchase for an amount larger than what you have on the Visa Gift card, tell the cashier the amount to apply to the gift card, explains Visa. Use a second payment method to cover the remaining amount.