How Can You Check Your TIM Card Balance Online?

Daniel Allan/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

TIM cardholders can check their card balances online, using the official website of Tim Horton, states Users enter their TIM card and personal identification numbers to view their card balances.

The Tim Horton site has a Quick Balance Check page cardholders can use to check their TIM card balances, explains The card user must enter the 16-digit TIM card number, the personal identification number and the name of the country from which the card was issued. Upon clicking View Balance, the user can see the balance available on the TIM card.

The TIM card number is located on the back of the card. It includes only numbers, which the user enters without any spaces or dashes. The personal identification number is located beneath the scratch panel at the back of the card. Scratching the panel reveals this number.

The TIM card balance is given in the base currency, or the currency of the nation in which the card was received. The user must monitor the account balance closely and report billing errors.

Users who register their TIM cards online enjoy such benefits as loss and theft protection and promotional incentives. Users can reload their cards with additional funds. A classic card holds $5 to $100.