How Can You Check a Claim’s Status With Erie Insurance?

Customers can check the status of an ERIE Insurance claim by contacting their assigned ERIE claims handler, notes the company website. Customers can report a claim by filing online, visiting a branch office or contacting an agent.

ERIE Insurance offers several insurance policy options, including auto, homeowners, life, property and liability. Through the company website, customers can find agents, pay bills, access their accounts, file a claim and find repair shops, among other functions. Customer service is available by calling (800) 458-0811, as of 2015. To report and check the status of an ERIE Insurance claim:

  1. Report a claim
  2. ERIE customers can report a claim by visiting the online claims site, calling an office or contacting an agent, states the ERIE Insurance website. For after-hours claims on nights and weekends, customers can call (800) 367-3743.

  3. Gather important information
  4. Gather and keep important information regarding the claim, including the policyholder’s name, the claim number, the policy number, estimates of the damage, records of conversations and the claim handler’s information, such as name, address, title and phone number.

  5. Contact the claims handler
  6. The claims handler completes all aspects of the claim, including following the claim’s progress. With the important information in hand, contact the agent to check on the progress of the claim.