How Can You Check the Balance on a Visa Debit Card?

It is possible to find the balance on your Visa debit card by going to the website of the card issuer or by calling its toll-free customer service number. Some merchants, such as Barnes & Noble, Marshalls, Nordstrom and Office Max, can verify the balance on your card at the time of sale. Not all companies have that ability, according to

Knowing your balance before shopping ensures that a transaction is approved. If you make a purchase for an amount greater than the balance on the card, you need to find out if the merchant accepts split transactions. If so, you can present a second method of payment, such as another debit card, a credit card, cash or check to cover the difference. Tell the cashier ahead of time how much you would like to charge to the Visa debit card. If you are unsure of the balance, some merchants can apply the amount to the card and let you know the amount needed for a second payment method. Examples of these merchants include Kroger, Exxon, CVS and Old Navy. A complete list is available on the Visa website.

If you use your Visa debit card at a restaurant or service-oriented establishment, be aware that they may tack on a service charge, which may exceed the balance on your card, according to Gift Card Mall.