How Can You Check the Balance on a Green Dot Card?

A Green Dot prepaid debit card is accessible online. Cardholders can check balances, make money transfers and perform other functions through the Green Dot website. By going to the Green Dot homepage and logging into a card account, users can get a clear view of their account.

  1. Go to the Green Dot homepage

    Type “” into the URL bar in a Web browser.

  2. Log in to the account associated with the debit card

    Click the “Log In” button in the top-right corner of the screen. The page will load the log-in screen where the you have to type a user ID and password to access the account. Enter this information, and be sure the password is correct. If it is incorrect, be prepared to answer security questions.

  3. Answer the challenge question if prompted

    The challenge question is a question that you set when creating an account with Green Dot and is used for extra security. It will not always appear; sometimes, the log-in attempt will lead directly to the Account Overview page.

  4. Look at the number on the Account Overview page

    The Account Overview will typically show the available balance on the card, including pending charges. Clicking the “View Transactions” option will show a list of all posted and pending transactions to provide the user with a detailed statement.