How Can I Become a Face Model?

To become a face model, take care of your skin, stay dedicated, create a portfolio, contact a modeling agency and send it your portfolio. Ensure that you apply only to legitimate agencies.

  1. Take care of your skin

    Develop a rigorous beauty regime. Face models are required to have even, smooth and flawless skin. Natural skin is preferable, as face models spend a lot of time wearing makeup and taking photos under bright lights.

  2. Stay dedicated

    Face models often have to work long hours and under bright lights. They may also need to remain in one position for a long time. Ensure that you are committed and passionate about the career before progressing.

  3. Create a portfolio

    Take professional photos that accentuate your facial features. Consider taking part in free modeling jobs to develop your portfolio. Indicate relevant experience in the modeling industry to improve your chances of being selected.

  4. Contact modeling agencies

    Do research on modeling agencies that specialize in face modeling. Call the agencies and find out what their requirements are. Being aware of what they are looking for makes it easier to tailor your portfolio to their requirements. Check the Better Business Bureau website to ensure that the agencies are legitimate before applying.

  5. Send your portfolio

    Send your portfolio to modeling agencies that you are interested in. Wait to see if an agency contacts you, and follow up on your application if you need to.