How Can You Find a Bank With a Free Coin Counter?

Chris Ryan/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Banks with free coin counters include TD Bank, PNC Bank and most credit unions. Banks that have coin counters may not have them at all branches. Calling the bank branch directly is the most certain way to determine whether one is available. Most banks that offer free coin counting services still charge non-customers fees.

Many banks have machines that sort and count change and then dispense tickets that can be claimed for cash at the teller window. At some banks, the machine is operated by tellers and customers hand their change over the counter to have it tallied, but other banks do not provide this service.

Generally, credit unions are more likely than banks to offer coin counting machines. Credit unions tend to have a higher focus on customer services due to their structure as member-owned cooperatives. A few commercial banks do offer coin counting services; most notably TD Bank and PNC Bank. While both of these banks offer free coin counting for account holders, PNC charges a fee of five percent to non-customers, while TD charges an eight percent fee.

Some other banks, such as Chase Bank and Wells Fargo, no longer offer counting service, as of 2015, and instead accept only pre-rolled coins of even denominations. These banks also charge fees for non-account holders to convert rolled coins to paper currency.