Can You Apply for an Emblem Credit Card Online?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 13, 2020 10:41:31 AM ET

The Emblem MasterCard is not available to everyone, so it is not generally possible to apply for this card online. It is a credit card that a collections agency called Jefferson Capital International offers to debtors as a way to resolve debts, notes Credit Karma.

The Emblem MasterCard is potentially useful for people with low credit scores, as a way to raise their credit ratings, according to the product reviews on Credit Karma. However, some reviewers note that the card has a very low limit that rises slowly, if at all. The card has an annual fee and reportedly has higher-than-average interest rates. Several reviewers note that it is a useful tool for rebuilding bad credit but has limited use beyond that point, due to the costs associated and the lack of rewards programs.