How Can You Access Lowe’s Employee Payroll Information?

Current and former employees of the home improvement chain Lowe’s can access payroll information through, as of 2015. This site allows employees to manage paystubs, taxes and personal benefits information when joining the company.

Lowe’s operates a website for employees that focuses on the management of benefits and other human resource services, including payroll and paystub details. The service is only available to current Lowe’s employees or individuals who recently left the company, with employees’ Sales Numbers serving as their identifiers. Each employee is only able to view her payroll information through her account. The site does not support the creation of new accounts without assistance from a supervisor or human resources department member. However, the site does contain a tool for recovering forgotten passwords.

Payroll information available through the site typically includes a summary of the employee’s earnings within a given pay period along with the taxes and withholding from each paycheck. Paystubs also include the total earnings and withholding for the current fiscal year, along with past tax forms. also allows employees to manage medical insurance, retirement accounts, stock purchases and flexible spending accounts, though the specific items available through the site may change over time.