How Can You Access JBS Pilgrim’s Epayroll?

Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

You can access the JBS Pilgrim’s epayroll, provided you are an employee, through an online TALX account with an Internet-enabled computer. For the initial log in, you need to register and access the account using a computer, not a mobile phone.

If you wish to view and update your personal JBS Pilgrim’s payroll information on your TALX account, your name must appear on the employer’s payroll.

As a temporary employee, you are limited to using the TALX system. To access the payroll information, you need to enter your employer ID, employee ID and password every time you log in. The system only gives you five attempts to enter the correct pin.

Once you have logged in, you go through risk authentication for a new user, whereby you are required to go through several steps aimed at upgrading your security and keeping your information safe. You can then proceed to view your information and update or change where you deem fit. You can enter tax information, review current and past payroll information and generate printable reports. You can also request to have information sent to your mobile phone or email address. Every time there is information you should view, your email and phone receive notifications.