What Are Some Caliper Sample Questions?

A sample Caliper test question presents four positive statements, such as “I am… a good communicator, responsible, creative, good with people,” asking the test-taker to select the statement most descriptive of herself. In another sample question, the test-taker must select from among four random viewpoints, indicating which most closely and the one that least closely reflect her own. The test also includes pattern recognition questions that require the test-taker to, for example, select a drawing to complete a sequence.

Self-assessment questions account for the majority of Caliper test questions, which also include true or false questions and others that require the test-taker to indicate, on a five-point scale, her degree of agreement with a statement.

Caliper’s self-assessment questions measure personality traits such as level of self-discipline, aggressiveness, need to control, sensitivity and gregariousness. Over the course of 180 questions, the test identifies a pattern of personality traits based on the juxtaposition of various personality traits and viewpoints. A test-taker’s answer in one question, for example, “I prefer to control the agenda,” may indicate a need to be controlling, while her answer to another question, based on different options, might be “I work well, collaboratively, with people I respect.” Most of the questions do not have right or wrong answers, but serve, instead, to paint a picture of the test-taker’s personality by integrating both negative and positive traits as evidenced by the test-taker’s responses.