What Is Cadbury’s Mission Statement?

The Cadbury mission statement is: “Cadbury means quality; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality; our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise is delivered.” Cadbury was founded by John Cadbury, who opened his first business in 1824.

John Cadbury’s shop was a grocery store that sold, among other things, a chocolate that customers could add to drinks. He made the mix himself using a mortar and pestle. His operation expanded in 1831 when the first factory was opened. By 1847, the demand for his drinking chocolates was so great that he had to move the operation to a larger factory. It was also in this year that the first modern chocolate bar was made in France. Though Cadbury had not yet started making the confection, business exploded for the company.

In 1861, John Cadbury had gotten too sick to work and handed over the reigns to his sons, Richard and George. The boys saw a chance to reinvent the brand and began to use new techniques to make the best chocolate powder on the market. They added new products to the already successful Cadbury line as well. In 1879, the sons of John Cadbury built a larger factory that included homes for the employees of the brand. In 1897, the company began to make chocolate bars for the first time, the first step to Cadbury chocolate becoming the brand that is known today.