What Are Business Support Services?

Business support services include administrative and clerical jobs necessary for the operation of many different types of businesses, such as secretaries, bookkeepers, accountants, web designers and IT professionals. Instead of hiring dedicated employees for these jobs, a company can outsource its business support needs to a third party for part- or full-time coverage of these needs.

The chief advantage of outsourcing business support services is that many smaller companies may not need these services on a full-time basis. Instead of paying a bookkeeper 40 hours a week to handle a relatively limited amount of business, the company can contract the position out to a business support service company and receive the needed support at a greatly reduced cost. This allows the company to focus its hiring and training resources toward its core business.

Larger companies can also benefit from the use of business support services. Even if the company does not choose to outsource entire administrative or support departments, it can still use these services on a temporary basis. A business support service company could provide needed assistance during an expansion or seasonal spike in business, for instance, or it may provide help when key personnel are unavailable for an extended period of time.