What Is a Business Registration Number?

A business registration number is obtained from the state in which the company is doing business. According to the IRS, some states require new businesses to be registered with the state’s department of revenue. New business registration forms can be submitted online in some states, and they can also be filed at the state or city’s local office of finance.

Although only some states require a business registration, generally all new businesses operating in the United States must register for an Employer Identification Number, says the U.S. Small Business Administration. An EIN, also sometimes called a Federal Tax Identification Number, is used to identify a business entity that is separate from an individual. The California Tax Service Center notes that only businesses such as corporations, retirement plans or partnerships need to file Federal Tax ID numbers. Sole proprietors do not need to have an EIN unless they are contributing payroll or federal excise taxes. An application for an Employer Identification Number can be completed online at the IRS website.

According to the Bureau of Consumer Protection, businesses involved in the distribution, sale or importing of fur, textile or wool products can be issued a Registered Identification Number. These are not required, but instead of placing a name on the product’s required label or tag, a business can affix the company’s Registered Identification Number.