What Is a Business Market?

A business market is the specific group or industry a company focuses on when trying to sell products and services. These audiences are often dictated by the kind of materials an organization deals in and the kinds of competition these businesses experience. A business market is also called a target market.

Business markets are split up depending on the overall focus a firm wants to exert over its marketing and advertising initiatives. These operations are determined based on the kinds of products and services a company has, as not all consumers are interested in what a firm has to offer. Companies need to find out who wants what they have to offer, and then drive their sales initiatives toward these markets.

Common market indicators are social and industry demographics. When dealing with business clients, these factors include specific corporate industry, type of communication, age of the market and types of products these companies sell themselves. Selling to individuals requires looking at more subjective elements like age, gender, educational background and annual income.

All business or target markets require significant research to determine best practices for marketing and sales. This helps companies increase the likelihood that target audiences buy from one firm instead of another.