What Is Boeing’s Mission Statement?

Boeing’s mission statement, which the company refers to as its vision, is, “People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace industry leadership.” The company takes a multi-faceted approach to achieving its vision.

In addition to its mission statement, Boeing strives to embody certain values, not only as individual employees, but throughout the company in its entirety. These values are leadership, integrity, quality, customer satisfaction, people working together, a diverse and involved team, good corporate citizenship and enhanced shareholder value.

Boeing has business imperatives, which it believes helps further its ability to achieve its vision. The three imperatives are: “detailed customer knowledge and focus that understand, anticipate and respond to customer needs; large-scale systems integration that continually develops and advances technical excellence; and a lean enterprise characterized by efficiency, supplier management, short cycle times, high quality and low transaction costs.” With such a broad vision and far-reaching influence, the values and imperatives assist in keeping the corporation on track.

Boeing took off in 1910, when William Boeing purchased a Seattle shipyard and turned it into the first Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility. Boeing went on to manufacture commercial, space, defense and security aircraft, and the company is a renowned, international aerospace leader. Its corporate headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois.