What Are the BMW Corporation’s Company Objectives?

The BMW Group has set its central objective as being the world?s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. As of 2015, this mission statement is applicable until 2020.

The BMW Group exclusively targets the international premium or luxury automotive markets. It manufactures and sells higher-end sedans, coups and convertibles. It is also in the hybrid market with the “i” series of vehicles, which includes a sports car. BMW operates under a corporate policy called “Strategy Number ONE,” which identifies two main targets: the company seeks to be profitable and to enhance long-term value in periods of change.

Specific points of focus in the BMW Group’s regular operations are to increase the use of renewable energies, innovate in production methods, focus on lightweight construction, make dealerships sustainable and improve diversity in its workforce. The company is targeting production powered by biomass and methane gas to improve the sustainability of both factories and vehicles. Sustainable mobility is also a major focus for the company, with a long-term focus on electro-mobility through building small electric cars marketed primarily to urban areas. Other methods include electrifying the power train and improving energy management, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.