What Are the Benefits of State Farm Emergency Road Service?

State Farm Emergency Road Service provides towing and labor services, including mechanical labor, at a vehicle’s breakdown site; delivering gas or oil; removing a stuck vehicle; and providing assistance with a tire change or jumpstart. This service also provides locksmith services, according to the company’s website.

Individuals in need of roadside assistance can contact State Farm Emergency Road Service by calling the toll-free number printed on the insurance card, reports the company’s website. When a customer places a call, the service dispatches a provider to assist the customer. If the customer’s coverage is verified, State Farm receives a bill for basic services. Policyholders without Emergency Road Service are responsible for paying the charges associated with the towing and labor services but are eligible to pay a reduced rate that State Farm has negotiated.

State Farm also provides a Select Service program, according to the insurer’s website. This program consists of a network of auto repairers available to provide repair work to State Farm customers. The benefits of the program include quality service and a national, limited lifetime repair warranty. Other benefits include washing and vacuuming of policyholders’ vehicles, pick up and delivery of vehicles, and a guaranteed repair completion date. If Select Service repair facilities or State Farm personnel are unavailable to provide estimates, a customer can use the competitive bid process and submit repair estimates to have State Farm evaluate claims.