What Are Some Benefits of Being a Member of the Moose Lodge?

Benefits of being a member of Moose include discounts on travel accommodations and prescription medication, access to special rates for different insurance plans and the ability to obtain dental and vision coverage, as well as cellular phone service. Members are also able to visit any participating lodge location, gain emotional and spiritual support from other members and enroll in one of its partner care facilities.

The main objective of the Moose organization is to provide support and care for all of its members, which include men and women of varying ages and backgrounds. After a member successfully enrolls in the organization, she may visit any of the numerous lodge locations across the country to connect with other members and participate in social events and activities, which encourage a positive quality of life and help form lasting friendships and bonds between participants. Additionally, the organization offers its members a variety of discounts on insurance plans and medical care through its group plans with the participating providers.

The organization also places a strong emphasis on charitable actions for its local communities, specifically for children and the elderly. Moose chapters regularly hold fund raising events for those in need and participate in other events to spread awareness and good will. Members may participate through a variety of actions. Senior members can also apply to live in its exclusive retirement community, known as Moosehaven, while other members can obtain child care services through its Mooseheart facility.