What Are the Benefits of an ADP ALINE Card?

The ALINE card by ADP gives employers a way to reduce payroll costs and pay employees by electronically transferring money to the card issued to them, advises ADP. Employees benefit by having instant access to their pay on the card without having to cash or deposit checks.

Employees know they will receive their pay on time, even if they are sick or on vacation. They do not need to pass a credit check or have a bank account to receive an ALINE card, states ADP.

Cardholders can use the ALINE card like a Visa debit card, notes the University of Pennsylvania. They can pay bills online and make purchases online or in person. Customers can withdraw cash from Allpoint ATM machines at no charge. Allpoint has more than 55,000 ATMs around the world, explains its website. Customers can use the ATM locator on the website to find a convenient location.

Employees can also access funds through paper checks from ADP. Each check must be activated; the funds are immediately deducted from the account to ensure sufficient funds are available when the check is cashed, according to the University of Pennsylvania. Employees can sign up for a free online account with ADP to check their balance and view and update account information.