What Are the BellSouth White Pages?

David Buffington/Photodisc/Getty Images

The BellSouth White Pages is a directory of residential names, phone numbers and addresses made available by BellSouth Telecommunications. BellSouth is an operating company and indirect subsidiary of AT&T, and it operates under AT&T’s name.

BellSouth Telecommunications customers receive a phone book that lists the names, addresses and landline phone numbers of company’s customers.

The online directory is powered by AnyWho, a phone-listing search provider that makes it possible to search any name, address or phone number in the U.S., regardless of whether the phone number is a BellSouth or AT&T number.

BellSouth became part of AT&T as a result of an acquisition and merger. It currently does business under numerous AT&T names specific to the southern U.S. Examples include AT&T Southeast and AT&T Tennessee.