How Do You Become an RC Cola Distributor?

The first step in becoming an RC Cola distributor requires visiting the Discover Opportunities page at the RC Cola International website, and then submitting the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. State that you are interested in a distributorship business arrangement in the optional Notes section of the form. The company doesn’t make public its distributor selection process. RC Cola distributorship opportunities are available in the United States and worldwide.

RC Cola International provides marketing support for its distribution partners for merchandising and sales. Distributors receive merchandising training and learn how to display RCCI products on store shelves, inside coolers and vending machines. RCCI also teaches distributors about pricing strategies, rotating product, building displays and point of sale. Distributors for the company undergo extensive sales training that includes training materials for the distributor’s sales staff. Distributors benefit from various RCCI advertising campaigns designed to appeal to consumers.

Packaging is another focus point for RCCI, and the company creates packaging that makes its brand unique, which leads to more consumer sales. RCCI places a high value on quality, and it works closely with beverage bottler partners to ensure its product measures up to strict quality standards. To protect the quality of its brand, RCCI regularly conducts quality control tests at partner manufacturing facilities.